VideoRevealed is a YouTube channel dedicated to helping people achieve professional looking videos through easy to follow tutorials for Adobe applications like Premiere Pro, After Effects, Photoshop and more.

Learning new technology shouldn't be so hard

If you've been using a computer for any period of time, then you've already developed important skills that directly translate to more complex software like Adobe Premiere Pro. Just using a computer won't transform you into an award winning editor, but it will help you to manage your media and navigate around the software in general.


Time tested results

Colin Smith is the main driving force behind VideoRevealed, developing and delivering world class training to cutting edge editors and YouTube Creators new to the world of video, audio and motion graphics.


It's about people

VideoRevealed is built on the idea that technology is only the tool to achieve results and it's the people behind the tools that are the real focus. Empowering an individual to confidently master any technology is a rewarding experience and it's what we do really well.

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